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For Schutzhund training we offer private lessons, seminars and workshops. 


At the Northern Border the foundation of training is compassion and patience for animals combined with many years of individual experience in working and competing with them.

From the first training we evaluate your dog’s temperament, personality, learned behavior and environmental stability. We believe that understanding your pet will help us to apply the most effective methods of training available. The goal of our programs is not only to teach your dog to meet your needs but to also educate the owner of the proper handling and training.

Owner and one of the main trainers at the Northern Border is Joeri Veth. 

Joeri got raised with German Shepherds in the Netherlands, and got introduced to dog training at just 10 years of age. 

He fell in love with the art of Schutzhund and competed on several World Championships with German Shepherds. Best results were 3th and 9th place. And one time best combined result in the obedience and protection phase of the whole World Championship.

As a Schutzhund helper and trainer he has been fully, or partially responsible for successful teams on World Championships with different breeds. Many times scoring excellent scores, and several top-10 and even podium finishes. 

As a Schutzhund trial helper he has been National Certified in the Netherlands, Norway (where he lived for 3 years) and the USA. He has done helperwork on 6 different Nationals in the Netherlands, Norway and South Africa. And has done helperwork on many other trials, under which World Championship Qualifiers, Regional Championships, National Qualifiers, Siegershows and breed surveys. 

Joeri works with all breeds and is known to have a lot of experience with the so called off breeds. 

Joeri breeds German Shepherds under the kennel name von Sprekkenberg. And the first puppies with this kennel name are showing very promising.

His first litter was a "zuchtmiete", better known as a rental for the U-litter of Scalindjo. Where Joeri owned the female, decided the Stud and future owners, but didn't had a kennel name yet. 

From this litter 1 dog made it to the FCI world championships already and several dogs got their IPO 3's and are actively competing. 

His second litter was with his friend and breeding partner in Norway under the kennel name av Bergsprekken. Joeri is currently working a dog from this litter named Bara-Bonta av Bergsprekken. A daughter out of his famous female Onta von Karthago and his known male Fido von der Hagenmühle. Both trained from puppy by Joeri. 

Owner and one of the main trainers at the Northern Border is Katlyn Schwarzwaelder. 

Katlyn is Joeri's fiancè and is actively breeding, training and competing with Dobermanns. 


Like many people know, the biggest problem in the Dobermann is longevity. However in 7 years of actively breeding, Katie has never had a single dog bred from her kennel acquire DCM, otherwise known as the #1 cause of death in the breed. Some people call this luck, Katie believes it has to do with the tons of health testing she performs each year on all of her breeding females and studs. And making combinations that in her mind out cross certain "mistakes". 


Katie just did her IPO1, 2 and 3 from December until May. With the last 2 trials just 2 weeks from each other with her young male Ferro v. Bergkönig. 


Katie is known in our environment to be extremely good in teaching any heel work to the dogs and to teach the retrieves. 

Besides Schutzhund/IPO, Katie is also a certified Nosework instructor. 


Canine Nose work/ Scent work

Very much like police and military working dogs, nose work/scent work dogs are trained in the detection of specific smells, also called odor detection. However, instead of using explosives or narcotics, your dog will learn how to search for other specific smells.

Some people would compete for trials in this sport while others just want to use it as a bond building exercise between handler and their dogs. And to teach dogs how to work trough their anxiety and still achieve something positive.