The Northern Border, LLC is also home to: 

Von Schwarz Dobermann Kennels owned by Katie Schwarzwaelder.


Von Sprekkenberg German Shepherds owned by Joeri Veth. 

Find some more info below in regards to each kennel. 

Von Schwarz Dobermann Kennels owned and run by Katie Schwarzwaelder has been around in it's current shape and form for the past 7 years. 

Katie breeds 100% imported European show and working line Dobermanns and prides herself on the amount of health testing and titles put on her dogs. She is 1 of a handful of breeders in North America that can truly claim that they breed 100% working lines. 

Please click the image to visit her website and obtain more information. 

Von Sprekkenberg kennels is owned by Joeri Veth. Joeri breeds German Shepherds under the kennel name von Sprekkenberg. And the first puppies with this kennel name are showing very promising.

His first litter was a "zuchtmiete", better known as a rental for the U-litter of Scalindjo. Where Joeri owned the female, decided the Stud and future owners, but didn't had a kennel name yet. 

From this litter 1 dog made it to the FCI world championships already and several dogs got their IPO 3's and are actively competing. 

His second litter was with his friend and breeding partner in Norway under the kennel name av Bergsprekken. Joeri is currently working a dog from this litter named Bara-Bonta av Bergsprekken. A daughter out of his famous female Onta von Karthago and his known male Fido von der Hagenmühle. Both trained from puppy by Joeri. 

Before Joeri became a breeder himself he adviced several kennels for their choices in future breedings because of his knowledge of different pedigrees and because he was fortunate enough to either have worked, or seen dogs being worked while still living in Europe that are very common in today's pedigrees.